What is a VPS? Why use a VPS?

Over the last few years, Virtual Private Server (VPS) options have risen as the ideal solution for businesses seeking the reliability of expensive enterprise quality dedicated servers, without the headaches and risks of shared hosting.

VPS technology enables one physical server to house several secure and isolated virtual environments which are inaccessible to each-other. For all practical purposes, virtual servers behave exactly like isolated stand-alone servers. The primary differences are linked to the associated expenses of dedicated and underutilized hardware VS splitting a physical system into more effectively utilized virtual enviroments.

VPS hosting is designed for customers who need root/superuser access to a full operating system installation, but do not need (or want) the resources of an entire dedicated server. A VPS involves partitioning resources from a full server, e.g. RAM, CPU, hard disk space and bandwidth, so that it appears as multiple servers; a VPS. Each VPS runs its own copy of an operating system, you will have superuser-level (root) access and can install any software you wish.

Each VPS is allocated a fair portion of all server resources including:

  • Hard Disk Space
  • Memory/RAM
  • Processor Power
  • Network Access and capabilities

Once a server is split into separate VPS accounts, each VPS can then run independently and will not be significantly affected by other VPS environments on the same physical system.

Why use a VPS?

Green, or environmentally friendly, computing is an idea whose time has come. Besides harming the environment, energy-inefficient datacenters can hurt your bottom line and lead to serious competitive disadvantages. A common inefficiency is server sprawl, the explosive growth of underutilized, overprovisioned servers. Server consolidation through virtualization improves energy efficiency via the decommissioning of unneeded physical servers and higher utilization of the remaining, more energy-efficient servers.

There are several approaches to server virtualization, but the greenest is operating system virtualization, as provided by TOCICI. The technology that we utilize is far more efficient than hardware virtualization or paravirtualization solutions, it achieves the highest server consolidation ratios, without impacting the performance or security of each virtualized server. As a result, BuildYourVPS delivers maximum energy efficiency and all the environmental and ancillary benefits of a green computing initiative.