How are payments handled?

Your affordable subscriptions rates are kept low by ensuring we are fairly & automatically compensated for the services to be rendered, in a timely manner. If you want your VPS to stay online month-after-month, then it is your responsibility to ensure that we receive payments when due. That means either:

  1. Leaving the initial signup's automatic subscription in place; this requires very few resources to maintain, and ensures cost-effect processing of your payment for the services to be rendered.
  2. Pre-paying for your VPS multiple months in advance. We offer discounts for pre-payments greater than 3 months in advance. See the checkout page for additional details.
  3. Upgrading your VPS prior to the end of its payment period:
    1. This process serves the same purpose as the subscriptions's periodic payments.
    2. This process is useful, in the event you need to update a credit card or bank account.

Automated Payment Subscriptions

Utilizing automated recurring payments is highly-encouraged. Activating this freely-available option facilitates our fair compensation for hosting of your VPS, on the anniversary of your VPS's payment being due1); ensuring that your VPS account remains in good standing and does not risk a shutdown for non-payment.


We accept VPS auto-payments through Dwolla's auto-payment process. Please use the relevant link in the shopping cart checkout page.


We accept VPS auto-payments through PayPal's payment subscription process. Please use the relevant link in the shopping cart checkout page.

PayPal Funding Source

When using PayPal to purchase services, they will first use any available PayPal balance to cover payment.

  • If you have sufficient funds in your PayPal account, your payment will be made using only your PayPal balance.
  • If you have some funds in your PayPal account, but not the total necessary for full payment, PayPal will attempt to combine your existing balance with funds from your backup funding source2).
  • If you have no funds in your PayPal account, PayPal will use the alternate payment method that you have linked with your PayPal account.
Backup PayPal Funding Source

To configure PayPal's backup funding source options3), you need to first add an alternate payment source to your account.

A brief review of this process follows:

  1. Log in to your PayPal account at
  2. Choose the “My Account” tab from the toolbar.
  3. Mouse-over “Profile” and click on “Add or Edit Bank Account” or “Add or Edit Credit and Debit Cards,” depending on which funding source you want to add.
  4. Click on the “Add Bank” or “Add Card” button when the bank account or credit and debit page opens.
  5. Enter your name, billing address and bank account or credit card account number.
  6. Select “Add Account” or “Add Card.” It may take 30 seconds or longer to verify your billing address and confirm the account.
  7. Pay for an item or service using the seller's checkout cart or send a payment manually through PayPal's “Send Money” tab.
  8. Look for the “Payment Method” section of the invoice and click “Change.”
  9. Use the drop-down menu to select your alternate funding source and click “Continue.”
  10. Click “Send Money” to complete the transaction. PayPal will use the funding source you just chose.

For additional support regarding your PayPal backup funding source, please reference the PayPal Help Center.

Manual VPS Payments

We do not encourage manual payments, as they:

  • Increase the time, energy and resources needed to keep your VPS online.
  • Require additional recurring effort from you to ensure timely, reasonably-expected, and fair compensation for your hosted VPS.
  • Risk suspension and termination of services, and/or unrecoverable deletion of data, in the event your VPS is taken offline for non-payment4).
  • Adds to our ongoing costs, and by definition, would force us to increase the rates you pay.

VPS Invoicing

We are happy to invoice you for VPS payments, in minimum $500 increments. If you would like to utilize this option, please contact us prior to ordering. Once payment (i.e. via check, cash, etc) is received in full, then your VPS will be promptly auto-built.

Approximately two weeks before the payment anniversary of your VPS, you would receive a new invoice for another equal period of time. Manually paid invoices are due in full when issued, your VPS will be subject to immediate suspension in the event payment is not received prior to the end of your subscription term5).

1) e.g. monthly, quarterly, yearly
2) defaults to your bank account, unless you've selected an alternate
3) e.g. to have them collect payment using your bank account or a credit card
4) offlining for non-payment is an automated process, and occurs if your payment becomes past-due
5) exception: unless we mutually execute a contract agreeing to different terms