What are my VPS OS options?


We support the latest versions of various popular linux distributions.

Also available, are VPS packages with old (EOL1)) distributions, that are no longer supported by their upstream vendors2).

Distribution Life Cycles

Each upstream vendor maintains their various releases in accordance with their own release life cycles. When an upstream vendor ends support for a particular version of their release, this means that they're longer maintaining that code base, and that security vulnerabilities, software bugs, and other general issues, are no longer patched nor given any attention.


The EOL tag is a common designation used throughout the IT industry; to indicate End Of Life

When an upstream vendor ends their support, we too will stop providing support3). It is your job to track the lifecycle of your chosen linux distribution, and to manage any updates/upgrades needed over time, please use the links provided to each vendor above, to learn more about their lifecycle management plans.

1) End of Lifed
2) While they may be installation options, EOL editions are totally and 100% unsupported, no security updates are issued, we cannot answer any questions, etc… Use at your own risk!
3) meaning: VPS rebuild images are often no longer available, and we will be severely hampered in abilities to help with tickets requesting support