How To Upgrade VPS Resources

To upgrade VPS resources (e.g. adding disk space, memory or CPU power), please click on the upgrade link within your control panel interface:

A window will then appear, detailing your upgrade options.

Why to Upgrade Resources

If you want to do any of the following, you need to upgrade your VPS:

  • Reactivate a cancelled auto-payment plan
  • Change your VPS payment method, or change your account
  • Add an IPv4 network address (IPv6 addresses are free)
  • Add RAM
  • Add CPU resources
  • Add disk space (HDD upgrade)
  • Add bandwidth capacity
  • Add managed services
  • Add backups
  • Add failover/redundant capacity

VPS CPU allocations are also covered by this upgrade process:

  • Migrating from Virtual Private to Virtual Dedicated is totally automated, and requires no manual intervention; you will almost instantly have access to twice the previous CPU capacity.
  • Migrating from Virtual Private or Dedicated to a Virtual Physical Server sometimes requires scheduling a ~30 second maintenance window. If a 30 maintenance window is needed, we will contact you and schedule things so that your environment can be seamlessly migrated to your new dedicated physical server environment.

Quick Facts

  • There is no upgrade fee1).
  • The unused portion of your existing VPS order is automatically applied as a credit to your new VPS order.
  • Upgrades are fully-automated, and completes only moments after you've submitted your approval.
  • Details regarding your upgrade credit is available by reviewing the relevant information in the control panel's upgrade window.


Question Answer
If I upgrade a VPS, would that wipe the content currently stored on it? No
Does an upgrade require I restart my VPS? No
Does an upgrade require I wipe and rebuild my VPS? No
Are upgrades applied while my VPS is running? Yes
When can I submit upgrade requests? Whenever you're ready
Is there an upgrade fee? No2)
How quickly are upgrades applied? 1 minute 3)
Do I get a credit for the unused portion of my old VPS order? Yes
Upon upgrading a VPS, why is a PayPal auto-payment suspended? PayPal requires a new auto-payment plan on VPS upgrades.4)
1) We assess no fees, although you are responsible for any third-party marchant provider fees.
2) We assess no fees, although you are responsible for third-party merchant provider fees.
3) 1 minute after receiving notification from PayPal; a process that PayPal often completes within 5 minutes after you've submitted your upgrade request/order
4) Therefore, instead of charging you for your VPS twice, your old payment plan is automatically suspended in favor of the new VPS auto-payment plan.