Phone Based Support

In the 21st Century, phone-based web hosting support has proven excessively costly and totally unnecessary.

We understand that email may not be your preferred way of receiving support. In a perfect world, calling a business for help would be quick, painless, productive, and human. But we live in an imperfect world. Phone calls require you to stop what you’re doing, go to a quiet place, and concentrate. Since phone based support requests tended to occur in “waves” of calls, they required you actively waiting in a queue 1), listening to someone else's music, being transferred and possibly having your call disconnected…so you get to start over again. You can’t share a phone call with your colleagues, bad connections and strong accents frustrate communications, and because nobody knows everything - getting timely input or feedback from peers was difficult at best.

On the other hand, emails can be tagged, labeled, and archived or printed and saved, email threads can be readily forwarded to others for input. They are a historical document; you don’t have to hurriedly copy down information or worry about forgetting a detail. Email us whenever you want, there’s no business hours to abide by, or schedule to confer with. When a support email is received, ownership is assigned, accountability and followups are assured.

Still not convinced?

At TOCICI, offering amazing customer support is a top priority, and our customers just don't want to pay for something they'll never use.

Before we retired phone-based support, less than 1% of customers had contacted TOCICI via phone. As we evaluated excessive business cost-centers, we found that over 30% of support costs overheads where centered around phone-based support, while less than 1% of our customers attempted to even utilize the option. Retiring such a traditional service was a tough decision, but its been many years since we ended phone based support, and we still haven't encountered a single customer that hasn't resolved their issue via email - our business continues to thrive, customers still love us, and we stand by our decision.

We firmly believe it’s absolutely 100% possible to provide excellent customer care without picking up a phone, and we prove that daily.

If at this point you still disagree with our position regarding phone based support, we respectfully ask that you take your business elsewhere: we're not a good fit for you.

1) or for us to employ many typically idle operators - which is a cost you'd see reflected in significantly higher prices