Monitoring Your Server

Systems monitoring can come in many forms, features can include everything from what our iSysMon product offers (automated predictive/proactive root-cause analysis), to your simple reactive resource consumption measurement tools.

We'll briefly discuss a few common tools used in-house. Please expect this document to grow over time.

Application Level

  1. Nagios: A powerful tool, capable of monitoring applications, services, operating systems, network protocols, system metrics and infrastructure components. Able to provide tiered alerts, scheduled outages, reporting features, multi-tenant functions, enables proactive planning, and a very large pre-existing support and development community.


  1. collectd: a very lightweight daemon useful on low-end and mid-end systems. Providing long-term visualization of measured/recorded resource consumption metrics.
  2. SysStat: tool built into nearly all modern unix environments. Able to log and report on system behaviors over a long period of time.
  3. vnstat: an excellent tool for keeping an eye on your bandwidth usage.