Minimum VPS Account Periods

You are responsible for monthly VPS payments, in minimum 30 day increments. Due to abuse issues, it is simply uneconomical and impractical to offer shorter durations, so we're unable to make exceptions to this rule.


We do not allow refunds:

  • Upgrades are credited as a discount on new orders.
  • In the rare case of any sort of downtime, users with up-to-date accounts are welcome to claim an account credit.
  • Minimum account periods apply otherwise.

Test, Trial & Demo Accounts

If you'd like to “test” a high-end VPS prior to making a commitment, you have many options:

  1. All of our own systems are spread across many of the same VPS host servers that you'll be utilizing. As a result, the performance of our own systems will always be a strong reflection of how your VPS environments would perform.
  2. Various third-parties monitor and report on our system performance and availability. You are encouraged to visit our About Us page for links to these independent resources. Also on that page are links to download speed test data and tools, so that you are enabled to validate our excellent performance first-hand.
  3. We encourage you to visit our systems status page, to review our systems maintenance and service history.
  4. Finally, prior to larger VPS account commitments, many have utilized a $3/month VPS account as a cost-effective means of independently obtaining answers to any outstanding questions regarding systems stability, features and performance.

Thank you for considering TOCICI's services, we look forward to working with you.