Address Usage


Additional IPv6 addresses are available for all hosting services.

  • All assigned IPv6 addresses are native (non-tunneled) addresses.
  • Up to 1024 IPv6 addresses may be assigned to hosted environments, at no charge.
  • /64 IPv6 netblocks are available for Physical and Virtual Physical Servers.


Additional non-NATed IPv4 addresses are available for all hosting services.

  • There is no maximum for Virtual and Dedicated Servers1)
  • Shared web hosting may have up to one IPv4 address per account

What is the ARIN IP Justification?

ARIN is the organization that presides over all IP address provisions in North America. Contrary to popular belief no one provider has the ability to provide you more IP's than any other. With that in mind we have no reason to deny you as many IP's as you would like so long as you do not violate ARIN's policies (most relevant being section 4.2).

How to provide Justification

Send an email to detailing the following:

  • Service(s) with which these IPs will be used (please be detailed).
  • Number of addresses needed immediately.
  • How many addresses you anticipate needing within one year.

Typical Justifications

  • Game servers
  • Voice servers
  • Load & stress testing
  • SSL certificates (please detail at least 50% of related domain names)
  • Non-abusive web crawling tools
  • Other non-abusive applications that run on a unique port or which require distinct source IP addresses

Please try to provide as many hypothetical hostnames that you would use with your IP space. It is not necessary to provide 100%, but a minimum of 50% will ensure a speedy approval to your justification request. Justification requests are processed within one business day.

Bulk Prices (IPv4)

These rates apply when ordering IPv4 addresses in bulk. Please see terms and conditions below.

Number of IPv4 Addresses Netblock Good Netizen 2) Unrestricted 3)
8 /29 $10/month $20/month
16 /28 $15/month $30/month
32 /27 $28/month $56/month
64 /26 $52/month $104/month
128 /25 $96/month $192/month
256 /24 $190/month $380/month
512 /23 $375/month $750/month

Terms & Conditions

  • We will provide as many IP addresses as needed, provided that the standard ARIN justification is met on allocations in excess of 9 IPv4 addresses.
  • Minimum 3 months pre-payment via guaranteed funds delivery is required, for all bulk IP address orders.
    • After the initial three months, ongoing payments may be completed via standard methods.
  • All requests for reassignment/subdelegation are registered in accordance with ARIN policies & procedures. This means that we are REQUIRED to register your name and address in ARIN's public SWIP database.
  • When desiring use of outbound SMTP or IRC services, the additional charge covers our administrative overheads. There are no exceptions to this policy.
    • As per the terms of services, abusive behavior remains grounds for suspension and/or termination of services.
    • For bulk SMTP services, you are still encouraged to use double opt-in addresses only. You will be given an opportunity to respond to abuse complaints4).
    • Any IRC activity which attracts unwanted or harmful attention will not be tolerated.
    • Please see our DDoS page for details regarding maximum email messages permitted per day for Good Netizen IP Addresses.
1) provided ARIN's justification policy is met, which is explained below
2) only the first 5% (rounded downwards) of assigned IP addresses will have unrestricted outbound SMTP & IRC
3) SMTP & IRC will be unblocked for 100% of IP addresses
4) failure to respond & cure is grounds for suspension and/or termination of services