What is a Virtual Physical Server?

Gain all the benefits of both a virtualized & physical server, without sharing.

Dedicated Physical Servers are configured exactly like a “private” or “dedicated” server, except that you are now guaranteed exclusive access to the underlying hardware resources. If you need a high-performance server with a generous resource allocation, simplified management, zero-downtime upgrades, instant scale-out options…all to yourself, this is the solution for you.

  • Remember that amazing VPS control panel of ours, yep, now available for physical servers too.
  • Server management, restarts, and builds/rebuilds are insanely simple, even grandma could do it.
  • Need an upgrade? How about a zero-downtime RAM or disk space upgrade? Consider it done!
  • Need a 2nd, 3rd, or N+ servers? Easy. You know how to press the clone button right?
  • Having “Hardware Problems”? Prepare for a 5 minute outage while your entire server migrates.
  • Need more processing power? A faster server? Did we mention that server migrations are really fast?
  • Zero-downtime whole-server snapshots & backups? Done! (yes, including RAM contents)
  • Need to snapshot a production server for the developers? Painless.
  • Seeking to deploy entire servers, from standardized templates, in less than 5 minutes? Get the stopwatch!

To obtain a dedicated physical server, just select that option when building your server.

This Translates To

Dedicated Power with VPS Flexibility

By introducing virtualization technology to this single-tenant Dedicated Physical machine, we’ve eliminated the migration headaches and upgrade roadblocks associated with traditional dedicated and colocation hosting.

Scale up from any VPS plan

Start with any existing VPS plan, and scale up to a full Private Server when you need it. Unlike moving between dedicated servers, scaling up to a full Private Server is seamless. You won”t have to move files, change your DNS, or reconfigure your apps! Your outage/downtime window becomes mere seconds.

Install Anything

Tune your Physical Server for maximum application performance. Full root-level access allows you to install any application or server software components you need.

Ultimate Speed with SAS or SSD Storage

All the cores in the world won’t help you if they’re stuck waiting for your hard drives. With the fastest disk I/O available, you can look forward to upwards of 15K RPM spindle speeds, with battery-backed write-cache enablers. It all amounts to improved reliability, and with with SSDs, it could mean 100X faster read/writes.

Racked and Waiting for You

Courtesy of our instant deployment provisioning infrastructure, orders are deployed within minutes1), eliminating the long lead times traditionally associated with dedicated server solutions.

1) pending hardware stock availability