How To Cancel a VPS

To cancel your VPS's automated payment subscription, please either login to PayPal and cancel the subscription there, or use the link provided within the control panel interface:

A window will then appear, detailing cancellation options.


Question Answer
Does my VPS shutdown immediately? For accounts in good standing, all VPS shutdowns occur at the end of a billing period. For example, if you're current on a monthly payment, and you cancel two weeks into a pre-paid month, then your VPS will stay online for the remaining two weeks of your pre-paid subscription term.
Can I reactivate a VPS? If you email us at least one (1) business day prior to the end of your current subscription period, yes. Otherwise, at the end of your subscription term, your data will most likely be purged from the systems by automated maintenance routines.
Can I obtain a copy of the VPS? Sure, we recommend using the tool rsync.
Do you retain any data? All VPS data is handled in accordance with our Privacy Policy, Terms of Services, and other published procedures.
How to confirm cancellation? * If paying via PayPal, you will receive an email directly from their system's auto-payment subscription system.
* When paying via any method1), you will receive an automated subscription cancellation email from our systems.
1) including PayPal