Running bitcoind Within VPS

We do not prohibit the use of bitcoind within a hosted VPS, although we do prohibit certain behaviors of the bitcoind client.

Downloading Full Blockchain

The process of downloading a new bitcoind installation's initial blockchain will consume excessive disk I/O resources, which as a misuse of system resources, and would be responded to as a violation of the Terms of Services.

To minimize disk I/O demands, either use bootstrap.dat1), import from a blockchain archive, or seed your new2) bitcoind installation.

Using bootstrap.dat

This is the recommended option, please see the relevant forum discussion.

Importing Blockchain Archive

With bitcoind 0.7 and newer, using the command switch -loadblock will enable the client to import blockchain data, from a local blockchain archive rather than from the network. The blockchain download from can be used for this.

Copy the blk*.dat files from a recent tarball, into a temporary directory (e.g. temp) and watch the blocks load fast after starting:

bitcoind -loadblock=temp/blk0001.dat

Seeding bitcoind

Copy current versions of the files: blkindex.dat, blk0001.dat, blk0002.dat3) from a trusted source (such as your desktop computer). And then run bitcoind with the -rescan option.

Only a few minutes should be needed, while bitcoind updates itself to the latest block.

Where to obtain blockchain files

1) requires bitcoind 0.7.1 or newer
2) wallet must be empty!
3) all files named blk####.dat
4) a Bitcoin core developer, and operator of